How to Bet Against Real People on Social Betting Networks
Whenever you hear ‘betting,’ sports betting, odds, bookies, etc. are what come to mind, not the good old social betting. Social betting is more exciting than the regular betting.
Social betting? Yes. Remember how you used to bet against your friends back in the day? I recall some years back; I would always bring along extra cash whenever I go to watch a football game with my friends. This was because, at the viewing center, some random guy would always bring up a crazy argument/prediction. If I thought his argument/prediction was bulls, to shut him up, I’d challenge him to bet on it. We then wager some agreed amount and give the total to a third party.
Depending on the outcome of the event we bet on, this third party would pay the total wager to the winner of the bet. This is how social betting works.
If the random guy was right, he wins my money. But if his prediction does not come to pass, I win his money. This doesn’t just happen in sports or at sports bars; we also bet socially at home and school, we always bet against others.
We are used to some forms of online betting, for example, sports betting. What are the differences between online social betting and regular betting?

Regular Betting vs Social Betting
For about a decade, online betting platforms have taken over the cyberspace. Regular betting platforms provide people with upcoming events (especially sporting fixtures) and assign odds to these fixtures, with the less likely party having greater odds and vice versa. People select these events, accumulate them, and are aware of their potential wins according to the total odds of all the selected events. After this, they are required to pay a wager to the betting platform, which pays the users if all the events wagered upon happen to be accurate.
Social betting, on the other hand, is way different and closer to the natural way of betting. As stated earlier, we bet our friends by wagering on the outcome of events. Highspirit social betting network takes us back to the basics of betting. Highspirit is a unique social betting network that allows you to connect with, and bet against other real people on anything.
How to Bet on Highspirit Social Betting Network
Highspirit works with predictions. You bet on Highspirit in two ways: Posting predictions and challenging predictions.
- Posting Predictions: If you have a prediction you are sure of, you can simply post it to Highspirit. After posting, you pay a wager.
People who doubt this prediction will challenge you by wagering against it.
Their wager can be anything from 100 naira to the original stake you paid. If your prediction comes to pass, you will receive the total of all these challenging stakes. If it doesn’t come to pass, the challenger win double of whatever they challenged with, from your wager.

- Challenging Predictions: People post predictions to Highspirit. If you come across any prediction that you doubt, click CHALLENGE to challenge it.
You challenge predictions by paying a wager. If the prediction does not come to pass, you receive double of whatever wager you paid. If it comes to pass, you lose your challenging wager to the Predictor
About the Stakes
• Minimum challenging wager is 100 naira. Maximum challenging wager is the amount the Predictor paid while posting the prediction.
• Predictions can be challenged until the original stake is equaled. After this, the prediction becomes closed to challenges.
• If the Predictor’s wager is equaled, it means he/she will receive double of his/her challenging stake.
• If Challengers do not equal the Predictor’s stake, the remaining funds get back into our Highspirit wallet.
• Fund your Highspirit wallet within minutes.
• Withdraw your Highspirit wallet funds instantly to your bank account or phone airtime.
• Highspirit does not take any percentage of your winnings. You keep 100%.
• On the prediction page, you will see a list of the Challengers for the predictions, their stakes, and their potential winnings.

Welcome to the start of your amazing social betting experience on

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