Highspirit social betting network

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is social betting?

    Social betting is the most basic form of betting, where two or more people compete against each other on the outcome of an event. On the regular betting platforms, you are presented a list of possible outcomes of an event and required to bet against a set of odds (multipliers) designed to make you fail - the higher the chances of an outcome, the lower the odds. Highspirit is a social network of predictors that lets you bet on anything, against other real people, rather than those odds.

  • Why Highspirit?

    Highspirit is a secure, user-friendly, social betting network that lets you connect with and bet against real people on anything, wagering with real money. Highspirit is the only place you can connect with other predictors as well as bet against them on anything. Highspirit lets you make money off all your accurate predictions.

  • What are Highspirit features?

    Making money from HighSpirit is easy. If you are sure of the outcome of an event, take 3 seconds to make a prediction here. You do not do anything else; just sit back and relax. We have a vast database of users that will be willing to challenge your prediction.

    To find challengers faster, share the prediction to your social media. You can alternatively share the link to your prediction with friends.

  • What happens if nobody challenges my prediction?

    If nobody challenges your prediction, when the date of the event passes, your funds will be moved back into your wallet. You are encouraged to share their predictions to your social media outlets to get challengers more quickly.

  • What kind of predictions are allowed?

    You can predict the outcome of any event, but note that the event must be verifiable. All predictions are vetted to ensure they are verifiable.

  • How much is my potential winning?

    For predictors, your potential winning is your original stake plus the total stake amounts of all challengers

    For challengers, your potential winning is double of your stake amount.