Highspirit social betting network

How does it work?

  • To bet on Highspirit social betting network, you either predict or challenge people’s predictions.

  • For Predictors:
    1. 1. Login and click ‘PREDICT’ on the top-right corner of the screen, beside your profile picture, and the ‘Make a Prediction’ page opens up. You type in the desired title of the prediction, the description, the outcome, and the date you want the prediction to close.
    2. 2. Pay your desired stake. This stake can be any amount but the minimum is ₦100. We will get back to the stakes.
    3. 3. Your prediction is sent to the team for moderation. They check if it is VERIFIABLE. If the prediction is something they can verify, it is accepted and posted to the site. If not, it will be rejected.
    4. 4. Sit back and relax. Your prediction will get challenged by doubters. On the day of the event, if your prediction was right, you will get back your stake PLUS the total stakes paid by the challengers.

    It's that simple.

    You can share your prediction link with friends or to your social media with one click if you like. Alternantively, our users will challenge your predition if they doubt it.

  • How To Challenge:
    1. 1. Click on the prediction. On the prediction page, you will see the details of the prediction, the stake paid by the predictor, and the stakes paid by the challengers and their potential wins.
    2. 2. Click ‘CHALLENGE’ and pay your challenging stake amount in the popup window.
    3. 3. On the day of the event, if the prediction was really wrong, you will win double your challenging stake.
  • About The Stakes

    If the predictor stakes ₦10,000. Challengers can challenge with anything from ₦100 to that ₦10,000.

    Challengers win double of whatever they paid.

    Predictors win back their stake PLUS the total challenge

    The prediction page shows a list of the challengers, their challenges, and their potential wins.

  • Highspirit social betting network

    Highspirit Rules



    1. You can predict on the outcome of any event. This predicted outcome must be verifiable.
    2. To predict, input a clear 'title' for your prediction, suitable 'category', 'short description' of the event predicted on, and 'expected outcome of event.'
    3. The 'maximum stake' is the amount you are willing to pay for your prediction. This is the maximum amount that challenging users can use for betting against your prediction.
    4. The 'end date of the event' is the day your prediction gets closed for challengers. Ensure to input a date that is on or before the date of the date of the event predicted on.
    5. The predictions close on the date set by the predictor or whenever challengers equal the predictor’s stake.
    6. After submitting your prediction, it is moderated before posting. Following the moderation, Highspirit reserves the right to reject or approve all submitted predictions.
    7. Challenging

    8. You can challenge any active prediction.
    9. 'Total stake so far' shows how much users have paid to challenge the prediction.
    10. 'Remaining stake' is the maximum amount you can pay to challenge the prediction.
    11. You can challenge with a minimum of N100 and a maximum of the 'remaining stake.'
    12. Stakes

      Staking ₦2,000 on the prediction (original stake of ₦10,000), the allowable stake reduces to ₦8,000 (original stake minus your stake).

      This continues until the original stake is equaled and the prediction closes.

      On the prediction page, you will see a list of the challengers for the predictions, their stakes, and their potential wins.

    13. The minimum predicting stake is N100 and the maximum is N1,000,000.
    14. On Highspirit, there are no odds. Your potential winning is double of what ever you stake.
    15. The minimum challenging stake is N100 and the maximum is whatever displays as the 'remaining stake.'
    16. Predictors win the total of the challenging stakes for accurate predictions.
    17. Challengers win double of whatever amount paid.
    18. Wallet Funding

    19. You may fund your Highspirit wallet to make for easy transactions on the network.
    20. All transactions are powered and secured by PayStack. Account funding is instant
    21. Funding may be done via online card or bank transfers.
    22. You incur a 3% transactional charge for account funding.
    23. Withdrawals

    24. You may withdraw your wallet funds whenever you wish.
    25. Withdrawals can be made directly to your Nigerian bank account or as airtime to your Nigerian phone number.
    26. Withdrawals will be fulfilled within 1 to 5 working days.
    27. Minimum amount for withdrawal is N1,000 for bank withdrawal and N500 for airtime withdrawal.
    28. Highspirit charges a 12% maintenance charge for every withdrawal.
  • Highspirit Affiliate Program

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